See a small selection of our work on our website and more albums on our Facebook page

See a small selection of our work on our website and more albums on our Facebook page
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unlock and use content from or edit pdf files easily with these easy to follow tutorials

You can edit pdf files easily with these easy to follow tutorials - just click this link:

Unlock and use content from, or edit pdf files

Monday, January 30, 2012

If you're building websites for other people and want to add their site to Google. Use this link - it's free and easy:

If you're building websites for other people and want to add their site to Google. Use this link - it's free and easy:

But, you don't even need to submit a site to Google. Google is a fully automated search engine that uses software known as "spiders" to crawl the web on a regular basis and find sites to add to their index. In fact, the vast majority of sites listed in their results aren't manually submitted for inclusion, but found and added automatically when their spiders crawl the web.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free downloadable texture images

Found this great texture library which has over 4250 free to download, high-resolution textures:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Disabling Skype and other softwares quickly on Start Up on a Mac

Thought I'd share this easy tip...

Skype was loading on Start Up on my Mac and I was looking for a way to disable it in Preferences or System Software etc. when I discovered the following that disables applications quickly if you have an unwanted software opening on Start Up...

Simply click and hold the software icon on your dock that is opening up - either along the bottom of your screen or up the side - and just drag up to 'Open at Login' that should untick it and it shouldn't happen again!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does your business card work? ***Free Business Card design draw!***

A quick glance at the following business card may make you think - 'that's nice' - and on the face of it, yes, it's pretty...



...but does it work?
  • Is it legible enough for people to see your contact details?
  • Does it explain what you do, whether by image or text?
  • Is there space or a light enough area to write on it? Many people will pick up your business card at meetings/exhibitions etc. and may want to write a reminder to themselves on it for when they return to the office.
  • Is it glossy or plastic? Not a good idea for writing on if you're giving out at meetings or exhibitions
  • Is it an unusual size? Too small - it will get lost and fall out of a clutch of standard size business cards. Too big - it will get damaged and again, lost out of a clutch of standard size business cards as it will sit on it's own somewhere.
Even if you think it looks different and might stand out, sometimes it just doesn't work!

Here is a slight revamp of the above design but one which works better...



Edmonds and Hunt Advertising have 30 years experience in knowing what works and what doesn't in corporate identities and can help you with yours.

***Prize Draw!***

We are giving one lucky winner one free revamp design of their business card. We will supply you with a pdf of the artwork ready for print (one name only on the pdf - no companies with hundreds of employees please). You can then get it printed yourself or we can print it for you at a reasonable cost - quote to be given when we know quantities the winner will want.

Please send an email with business card competition in the title and a scan of your current business card to and we will draw a winner on Tuesday 26th April.

If you can't wait to see if you're a winner and would like your corporate identity looked at to see if it needs an update, or you would like a completely new logo and corporate identity designed, or if you would just like a quote for printing, please contact Caroline at Edmonds and Hunt Advertising. Tel/Fax: 01920 487728. Email: and Caroline will be happy to discuss it with you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New You Beauty Show

Edmonds and Hunt Advertising and Houghton Communications are pleased to announce their collaboration as hosts of this exclusive show, combining over two decades of experience of advertising and event management.

Sunday June 19th 2011. 11am - 5pm at The Hertford Theatre, Hertford.

Tickets £4 prior to the event available from, Hertford Theatre Box Office or £5 on the day

A percentage of the profits will be donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The New You Beauty Show is aimed not only at the successful wedding exhibition audience for brides to be to look their best on the day but extending to any member of the public who has an interest in health, beauty and wellbeing. The New You Beauty Show will exhibit high end beauty products and procedures, skincare treatments, relaxation therapies, spa and wellness clinics, health and nutrition, weight management, hair and nails, fitness centres, fashion and accessories and many more ‘Looking Good’ and ‘Feeling Good’ products and services. Visitors will be able to take home a wealth of literature, free samples and invaluable advice. There will be goodie bags, raffles, competitions and plenty more! So come along for an enjoyable day!

The Show will be held in the auditorium of the all new refurbished Hertford Theatre which has a gallery, cafe bar and excellent facilities. There is ample parking in Hertford which is free on Sundays and there are two railway stations within walking distance.

Please see the website for more information:

Exhibitors: 40 stands at £95. Download the exhibitor information pack and booking form

Prize Draw! Exhibitors returning their booking forms with deposit before April 10th will be entered into a draw on the day to get the cost of their stand reimbursed

See links:

Houghton Communications Report

County Weddings Magazine

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Ward Times

Free Beauty



Come and have a 'beautiful' day out!