See a small selection of our work on our website and more albums on our Facebook page

See a small selection of our work on our website and more albums on our Facebook page
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Monday, June 21, 2010

A bit about us

OK, so where do I start? Our graphic design business goes back 30 years and I don't want to bore you with too much detail so I will make it as brief as possible and maybe add more as I go.

Basically, I met my husband, Gary, at Stevenage College in 1979 on a 3yr East Anglian Diploma in Graphic Design course. We left in 1982. Gary with a Distinction and me with an Upper Pass. During that year we decided to go straight into 'going it alone' and set up Edmonds and Hunt Advertising.

In 1985, 3 years later we got married. (We didn't change the name of the company as everybody knew us as Edmonds and Hunt Advertising). We bought a house in Port Vale in Hertford where we ran our studio from two bedrooms that we had knocked into one. Cow gum, spraymount, layered artworks, letraset and PMT's all come to mind from the 4 years we were there.

Gary was an airbush illustrator and the house was forever covered in this green dust - whatever colour he had been using it was always green?!

Anyway, the business took off and we were illustrating and doing artworks for companies like Walkers Crisps and all the on pack promotions for Shreddies and other cereal packs. Back then there were no computers so all the typography and illustrations were produced by airbrush.

After 4 years we moved to Chapmore End, where we are now. Computers came in and we had a studio built on the back of the garage. 20 years on and the company is still producing design, artwork and print and we even have some clients that have remained with us for the last 30 years.

That's it in a nutshell without any detail - hope I haven't bored you and hope you'll follow my blogs.

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